It’s a Good Thing We’re Married…

Every so often my wife and I have marital growth moments (read here “VERY often”). When these moments happen my wife will usually say something along the lines of “Joshua, it’s a good thing we’re married, because I don’t like you very much right now!”  This week it was related to our only car breaking down and us waiting on our tax return to buy a new one, meaning that (thankfully) my family was carting around while we looked for a car.  This came during the two most stressful weeks of work I will have all year.  Once a year we are inspected by the state, which is not THAT stressful, except for the time it takes to get everything ready.  Once every two years we get an audit for our accreditation as a treatment facility.  While this is essentially to check and make sure we are doing our jobs, which we are, it is still highly stressful and everything needs to be done exactly right.  It is of course at this time that my body decides a sinus infection and hypertension seem like a good idea.  There have been many blessing and kindnesses these last two weeks, thanks to Gary Morgan our pastor and David and Abby Kartzinel, two of our very best and longest lasting friends, but that does not prevent the tensions from wearing on us.

But these moments, when tempers flare, and my lovely wife utters the words “It’s a good thing we’re married,” are precisely the moments when I know my wife loves me and we are going to be married forever.  You see, when she says those words she is reminding both of us that marriage is not all about romantic dinners over candlelight.  It isn’t about loving each other when everything goes well.  It is easy to love each other on vacation, or on a date.  It is easy for better, for richer, and in health.  It becomes more difficult for worse, for poorer, and in sickness.  And yet when it is in these times when couples have to remind each other that it is a good thing they are married.  If we weren’t married either one of us might get fed up and walk away, but because we’re married we work it out.  Katie doesn’t immediately think “how can I get out” but rather “we’re going to make it work.”  Our marriage will last as long as Katie and I can remember that it’s a GOOD thing we’re married.”


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