Who Can Find Her?

My thoughts on Proverbs 31.

She is worth more than all the world’s riches to me
I would trust my Katie through heaven and hell
She does me nothing but good in my life
Even when I forget, or ignore, or fail
To uphold my end

She has crocheted Christmas presents, as we are poor
Her baking and meal planning are beyond compare
She clips coupons, shops sales, finds deals
Her resourcefulness is worth more than a rare
And priceless gemstone

She opens our home to friends and to strangers
With Gospel purpose she lays out a feast
She protects her faith and has my best at heart
I know the details from greatest to least
Are under her care

So, Katie my love, I say this too rarely
And the kids say it sometimes in their own way too
“Many women have done nobly for the Lord and their families
But none do so much, so nobly as you do
For us everyday.”

How shall I ever repay you?


2 thoughts on “Who Can Find Her?

  1. Josh, you are such a master at words from the heart. I’m so proud of you and your leadership as head of the family, such a blessed family at that. Love you, Mawmaw Augustine

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