10 Things I Never Thought I’d Say Volume 2

You can find volume 1 here. While all of these things make perfect sense in the larger conversation, they are still things I never thought would come out of my mouth.

10. “Emmie, you can’t have more oatmeal until you finish your marshmallow.”
9. “Emmie, if you whine about not getting to do school again I will put you in time out.”
8. “A wet diaper is not a soccer ball.”
7. “A wet diaper is not a football.”
6. “A wet diaper is not a toy car.”
5. “Nothing in the trash is any of those things!”
4. “Emmie, please put clothes on BEFORE you practice your ballet.”
3. “The reason your toy gun won’t kill the lion is because it is a bear gun.”
2. “Emmeline, beating a horse to death is not going to make it go faster…especially when I am your horse.”
1. “Emmie, Gareth’s toy ferry does not have to run on a schedule-it’s a toy.”

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