Emmie and the Monster

This is a movie that Emmie wrote and I helped her make last sunday when we were home sick together. The whole story was hers, but clearly she has watched to much well made tv because she was asking me to do special effects that were WAY beyond my skill level and the abilities of Windows Movie Maker and Paint. Don’t forget to hang around for the credits.


One thought on “Emmie and the Monster

  1. From the Louisville-Lark Times:

    The disorientation of the shaky-cam effect used early in the film certainly helps the audience to empathize with the lead actress’s plight. Much like in Jaws, the filmmakers were wise to save the reveal of the monster until late in the movie (the special effects are appreciated, but we are grateful we didn’t have too much time to consider the imperfections in the monster’s design aesthetic). The choreography of the fight scene combined with the strategic slow motion evokes nostalgia of the Star Wars Kid yet subverts the genre on account of the fact that the actress clearly displays empowerment rather than vulnerability. And the resolution artfully dares the audience to question whether what they have just witnessed was reality or just a child’s imagination. Inception worthy-stuff twist, I think.

    And coming from someone who has personally tried to squeeze every bit of life out of Windows Movie Maker & Paint over the years, I can certainly appreciate the ambition of this project.

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