Super Woman

It was a wonderful reminder the other day when I posted a picture on Facebook of Katie simultaneously editing Bible study materials, putting the kids down for bed, and sitting in a position on the floor that would require me to go into traction. One of the comments, made by Ashley Shill…Schill…our dear friend Ashley, was “Wonder Woman!” Here is the photo in question:


It is always great to have other people appreciate your wife. Why? Well, let’s be honest, I don’t always appreciate her like I should.  You see, I have to live with her, and raise kids with her, and pay bills with her, and fix the house for her, and listen to her, and sometimes that can sour my view of her.  Not because she isn’t a good mom–she’s a great mom.  Not because she isn’t supportive–she puts up with me, so… The reality is that life is hard and I am exhausted.  And when all of the hard things in life are done with your spouse there is a certain level of association. Like Pavlov’s dogs and the ringing bell, I begin to associate my wife with all that is difficult and frustrating about life.  Again, this is not fair to her, but it is the reality.

But then I catch a picture of her doing something I think is cute and post it for others to see and all of the sudden I hear from everyone else what deep down I know to be true–my wife is awesome! I have no idea what convinced her to marry me.  She used to joke it was because I was the first one to ask her. Maybe it wasn’t a joke…

Sometimes it takes other people appreciating my wife’s many gifts and talents to remind me why I wanted to marry her in the first place.  That and she looks really hot in that picture. Love you Sweetheart.




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