On Mother’s Day

I love my mother.  She has been a great blessing to me and I do rise up and call her blessed.  There is so much of who I am that I owe to my wonderful mother.  I love her and will always love her.  But I love my wife more.  

That may be an odd thing for some to read in a Mother’s Day post, but I think it is important. It is one of the most important things my mother ever taught me.  She taught me that one day I would find a woman, hopefully a God-fearing one, who would love me.  That woman, she said, would love me like no one else ever had.  And when I met that woman, she said, I was to love her more than I loved anyone–with the exception of God.  While I am sure many godly woman have told their sons something along these lines, I doubt many have spent time emphasizing that the “anyone” includes her, their mother.  

She told me often, when I was a kid, that she loved me.  She tolds me that she would always love me.  But she also told me she would never love anyone as much as she loves my father or my Heavenly Father.  I would never make the top two places in her heart–and I never should.  The greatest gift my mother gave to me for marriage was that I can love my wife more than anyone and never feel wrong or guilty for doing that.  And so, on Mother’s Day, when I spend a few minutes loving my mother and celebrating her but spend the entire rest of the day focusing on the mother closest to my heart, the mother of my own children, I can love my wife with abandon.  I can love her because I know that my mother understands and approves of this love, because she is the one who taught me.

So to all of you mothers who hold your sons today, remember this, you can love your son so much that you hope he will never leave, or you can love him so much that you hope he does leave, and cleave to a godly woman, and love her with his life.  You will train him which one is right by how you love him.  

P.S. Plus, if you play this right you could end up with cute grandbabies instead of a 30 year-old who still lives at home…


3 thoughts on “On Mother’s Day

  1. Nicely put, Josh. You are right that this is a spiritual truth that we probably don’t emphasize enough but definitely should. You’ve certainly had a great mom in your life.

  2. Thanks, son for honoring me and honoring Katie. I am thankful that you learned this lesson, and especially thankful for my daughter-in-love and the wonderful grandbabies you have given me!!

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