An Excellent Writ on Passivity

Below is a link to an excellent blog post on passivity, please take the time to read it. It was written by John Kramp, a very godly man and a great leader.

The Riverstone Group is made up of John Kramp and David Atchison, another great Christian leader and all around godly man.  Here is a bit of their story:

“The Riverstone Group was formed in 1975 while John Kramp and David Atchison were both students at Baylor University. Back then, the company was called Kratch. From the beginning, Kratch was a global powerhouse… at least on the back of a napkin.

Actually, after college, John and David moved to different regions of the country and pursued different professional goals. They started new organizations individually but Kratch remained a back-burner dream.

In 1992, John and David reconnected in Nashville and reestablished their long-time friendship. When telling others about their college days, they laughed about Kratch. The problem was that neither of them could remember how the company was going to make money. They just knew it was going to be big.

In 2011, over coffee, they decided the time had come to make Kratch a reality. With wise counsel from their wives, they determined that rather than Kratch, they would name the company The Riverstone Group (”


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