The Difficult Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Tonight, while at a gathering of believers, we were discussing what or who the Holy Spirit is. We were talking about the confusion that surrounds who he is and what his role is in the Trinity, and, more specifically in our discussions, was his role in the life of Christians and non-Christians.  How do we know and/or experience the Holy Spirit.  I thought, primarily for my own benefit, I would list out some of the element of who and what he is and ask anyone reading to list any additional ideas, or contest any ideas I list.

1. Regenerator–The first experience we have of the Holy Spirit is his enlightening us to the things of God and our own depravity.  Titus 3:5, 1 Peter 3:18

2. Convictor–The Holy Spirit shows us our sins. John 16:5-11

3. Hope Giver–The HS points us back to the Cross and gives us hope. Romans 5:3-5

4. Giver of Intellectual Life–Through the HS we are able to seek Truth about God and all of his creation. John 16:13, Romans 12:2.

Any more wisdom would be greatly appreciated.


2 thoughts on “The Difficult Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

  1. Thoughtful list, Josh. We Baptists may be the people who most need to think and speak clearly and deeply about the Holy Spirit, given our reputation for de-emphasizing His divine personhood and work.

    Regarding your fourth point, however, I think “intellectual life” could use some more expounding. Certainly there are folks with intelligence who don’t possess the Holy Spirit. Ultimately, they may amount to spiritual fools if they reject the truth of God’s gospel. But I was recently reading through Acts 13 and reminded that Luke refers to Sergius Paulus,the proconsul of Cyprus, as “a man of intelligence” prior to his believing the witness of Paul. I guess we might say that even his pre-belief interest in the message of Paul & Barnabas could have been an early sign of the Spirit working in his life.

    Anyhoo, yeah… might be good to flesh that idea out a little more.

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