An Honest Prayer on Contentment

I am not content
I am not content with my car because it breaks and I have to fix it
I am not content with my career, it does not pay me what I want and it does not make me feel important
I am not content with my house, it is expensive and imperfect
I am not content with my wife, it takes work to be married
I am not content with my children, they are disobedient
I read Scripture and it tells me:
You were content to fix the world that we broke through sin, even though you didn’t have to
You were content to pay for my sin by making yourself nothing
You were content to have no place to lie your head
You were content to love your bride, the Church, by giving yourself up for her
You were content to adopt me and love me as your child though I was your enemy

I do not like your promises
I want money
I want fame
I want comfort
I want things to be simple
I want peace
I want them now
Scripture says no man can serve two masters, I cannot serve you and money
Scripture says the first will be last and the last will be first
Scripture says that we will suffer for your name’s sake
Scripture says that we do what we don’t want to do, and want what we don’t do
Scripture says to arm for battle
Scripture says that you will come and make all things right, but that no one knows the hour or day

In short, I want so much less than you are offering because it seems so much better right now than eternity with you. Lord, change my attitude, I beg of you. Because it isn’t going to change on its own.



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