If All Else Fails

So I have been pondering the looks on the faces of the 49ers players at the end of the Super Bowl. That feeling of anguish, utter defeat, and hard work wasted that only getting paid millions of dollars to lose a game can bring. I don’t think I could get up the next day if I had played in the Super Bowl and lost and then had to go back the next day to my boring old life as a millionaire…oh wait, I actually think I could do that.

But seriously, it is painful when you work really hard at something and only to fail at the last minute. I am one for worst case scenarios. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a glass half full type where I assume everything is going to be awful. I just like to know the worst that could happen. That way, anything that happens is probably going to be better than that. This works well when I don’t include Katie on the discussion. My wife, God bless her, has a gift for thinking of inventive worst case scenarios.

An example. When we were buying our house and we were talking through what would happen if one or both of us lost our jobs I thought something like–“We might have to consider selling or requesting government aid.” Compare to Katie’s worst case–“We could both lose our jobs and DCS would take our kids because we can’t afford to feed them and you would try to sell you kidney on the black market and get hepatitis and die and I would be forced into prostitution to pay for food and our kids would grow up all messed up until one day I find them and we are all hooked on crack and end up dying in prison.” Yes, she’s a pro and no, I an not kidding. That conversation happened.

But when it really comes down to it, the worst case scenario doesn’t exist for Christians. Our worst case scenario is what? Death. No, to die is gain. So then to live? No, to live is Christ. To suffer? No, I do not count my current sufferings as anything compared to the glory that is in Christ Jesus. There is no worst case scenario. So when I look at everything in my life, I have confidence that everything will work out. Not because I have a lot of money, or because I know I am always going to win, or get the payoff for my hard work that I expect. No, I have confidence that everything will work out because there is no worst case scenario.


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