Two For the Reading of One

Since there was a network outage in our internet service yesterday I was unable to post.  I considered doing it entirely from my phone…for all of 5 seconds.  I am far to long winded to type an entire post on that little bitty keyboard.  So here are yesterday’s and today’s posts combined into one.

I was considering the issue of gun violence yesterday and how horrified everyone was, including myself, at the Sandy Hook massacre.  The loss of all those children is a great tragedy.  What surprises me most is that there was such an outrage over the loss of 26 lives at Sandy Hook, but how very little outcry over the 3,288 abortions performed everyday in America.  I am not generally an outspokenly political person–I would rather keep my political discussions to people who I respect and who I know with speak intelligently even when we disagree. But I will say this now, any president who would seek to take the guns of law-abiding citizens while leaving abortionists unchecked in their trade is a hypocrite of the deepest nature.

But I guess there is enough hypocrisy to go around.  For anyone who can claim to love God and love the grace that the Apostle Paul wrote about and not share that grace and love towards those who have committed the sin of abortion is as much a hypocrite.  We all want to forget that the reason Paul loved God’s grace so much, was that he was a murderer in need of God’s grace.  If ever there were someone with whom Paul could identify it would be a woman who has had an abortion.  Abortion is legal, as was Saul’s putting to death of Christians. He believed he was doing what was best, as do many women who have an abortion.  Paul understood what it meant to be brought back by God’s grace.  And that is what these women need to experience from us–God’s grace.

John Piper Reads His Poem, “The Children” from Desiring God on Vimeo.


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