Because I Married Super-Mom…

And here’s the pictures to prove it. Why yes, that is my wife bathing my son while wearing a stylish ensemble.  After getting home from a baby shower.  Before going out to get our groceries for the next few weeks.




People ask me sometimes if I think it was wise to get married young…Aside from being a rather dubious question (it like asking “do you regret your wife and kids?”), the obvious answer is yes, probably the wisest thing I’ve ever done.  I had to get Katie off the market before she realized she had other options–duh!



2 thoughts on “Because I Married Super-Mom…

  1. I just told Alyssa after the wedding that I agreed with her that Katie was SuperMom! Watching her with Emmie and Gareth exhausts me, and I have had 6 of my own. Love her and love that you give her the kuddos she deserves.

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