In Lieu of a Title

I have said before, and I will say it again, without the Gospel, existentialism really does make the most sense.  If I look at my life without the confidence that all things work together for good I can only see random, meaningless smatterings of kindness and horror.  If we are not made in the image of God then we are nothing more than animals. We seek pleasure, we avoid pain.  Maybe complex animals, but animals nonetheless.

Oh sure, you can point out art and music.  You can point out literature and philosophy. You can make all kinds of arguments that man can have a purpose outside of God, but you’d be wrong.  The greatest art in the world still needs a meaning.  Even existential art tries to find meaning in meaninglessness.  There can be no meaning without some sort of universal reality.  A universal reality removes randomness from the equation–it makes things line up.  When things line up we look around and wonder why.

If there is some universal experience then the world is not random.  If the world is not random then it is ordered.  If it is ordered then everything serves a purpose. If everything serves a purpose that purpose would have to go beyond the individual parts.  If it goes beyond the individual parts to the greater mechanism of the universe.  If there is a greater mechanism of the universe then there would have to be something outside the universe itself to create it. God.  Now we reverse it.

No God. If there is nothing to create a greater mechanism to the universe then one does not exist.  If no greater mechanism exist then the only purpose in the universe is that of the individual parts.  If that is true, then there is no order, only randomness, and our experience of the world makes only the sense that we make of it.  Only the two choice make sense to me–Christian or Existentialist, hope or despair.


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