So it begins again…

Yes, I am actually posting a blog post.  I realize it has been a year since my last post but I have been a little bit busy.  I kept thinking “I should get on my blog and write some.”  But every time I did I decided it just took too long.  But having read several friends blogs recently I realized something…blogging is not really designed for carefully written and edited materials.  That is what books and articles are for.  If you are going to post on your blog, you are probably doing it because you want to say something without waiting to perfect every single detail.  It is a source of immediate feedback.  It is the perfect place for a rough draft…or at least a semi-rough draft.  Especially when you are married to/related to/friends with English teachers/editors/grammar nazis.
So welcome me back, and expect some un-edited writing to come soon…


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