Credo 2.1

Since my jaw is still sore from my wisdom tooth extraction surgery, making it difficult to film my next segment, I have decided to proceed with the series anyway and will simply pick back up with the videos once I get to feeling better. Now, because it is much easier to say a whole lot in a 6-minute video then a short blog post, I am going to post my points over the next few days.  So it here goes:

I believe that what God created good was ruined by the Fall, redeemed through the Cross, and will the glorified at the end of time.

In Genesis 1 and 2 we have the story of God creating the world.  At the end of each day of creation He calls what He has created “good.”  During the time after Creation, before the Fall, there is a period of unknown duration that is often times referred to as “the time of Man’s innocence.” This term relates to an important theological concept represented best by the Latin phrase posse non peccare.  The phrase translates to “able not to sin,” and is essential for the doctrine of salvation. Why? Because it reminds us that mankind was created in a state of peace and harmony with God and was not in any way forced to sin, man chose to sin despite being able not to.

This is foundational to the Gospel because it explains why mankind deserves God’s wrath, He created us able not to sin, and yet Adam did sin.  After the Fall, we know from Paul’s letter to the Romans, that the death caused by sin passes to all men and that all are sinners.  Thus, after that Fall, we might say that man is non posse non peccare, or not able not to sin.  Man in His fallen state is unable to have a relationship with God in and of himself and thus cannot seek the glory of God.  All things not done to the glory of God are sin, and thus fallen Man is unable not to sin.

(to be continued…)


2 thoughts on “Credo 2.1

  1. This series is like “The Josh Krebs Confession of Faith.” Will it be followed by a Josh Krebs shorter catechism?

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