I wanted to take a moment this morning to congratulate some friends of mine, Anna and Eddie, on their wedding day today.  I know Anna from work and I have to say that she is a wonderful young woman and Eddie seems in all respects a godly man.  In honor of their marriage I would like to pray for them and ask that anyone who reads this post take a moment to pray along with me:


Bless Anna and Eddie as they embark on this great new journey with you. I pray that you will give them the love they need to live together in harmony. I pray that you would give them the grace they need when tempers flare or strife sets in.  I pray that Eddie would always be reminded that he is to lead and serve Anna as Christ did and does for the church, willing to die to self and forsake all for his bride.  I pray that Anna would in all things respect Eddie and rest in his love and your love alone.

I pray that as they prepare for their wedding today they would have calm assurance of your hand in this marriage, knowing that every good and perfect gift is from above–marriage is truly a good gift.  In marriage we see the Gospel displayed in physical form and we thank you that you have blessed us with such a picture.  We know that you have given us faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love. Lord I pray that today would be a true celebration of the love you given between Anna and Eddie.



One thought on “Congratulations

  1. Amen! Anna & Eddie, I am about to celebrate 29 wonderful years of marriage. The Lord is faithful! May He richly bless you both.

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