And now for something different…

As a part of reviving this blog I am trying to post something everyday of the work week and once on the weekends.  There has been a great inner conflict about whether to post only the Credo series right now or to have a day to switch things up.  I think I have decided to switch things up on Fridays.   Not only is Friday the blogosphere “free day”, be this point in the week my brain is always fried. Maybe that’s where they get the name (ok, I know that was bad).

But today I have decided to simply be thankful.  I have so much to be thankful for, many things I don’t deserve, and I thought I would take a minute to give thanks.

I am thankful for a wonderful house

That would be lonely without my precious daughter

Who would not be here but for her lovely mother, my wife

Who I would not have had the wisdom to marry without my Dad’s wisdom

Which he would not have had without years of marriage to my courageous mother

Which could have only happened through the perpetual and unfailing grace of Jesus Christ

Which could not save us but for the His death on the cross, burial, and resurrection from the dead

Which all flowed out of the love of God within the trinity shown at creation, lost in the fall, but regained

All according to the great plan of God the Father Almighty, maker and sustainer of heaven and earth and all that is in them.

A God who makes himself known.



2 thoughts on “And now for something different…

  1. I love you. And I’m impressed that this is the “my brain is fried” post. Pretty thoughtful for someone to tired to think.

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