Credo 1–Even Psychologists Agree

This link is an article from Psychology Today talking about how men and women are different in several ways. Now, I don’t consider Psychology Today to be a hugely reputable source (they aren’t even peer reviewed), but more reputable secular sources aren’t readily available to link to. If you need an annotated bibliography for convincing, I can throw one together.

Here is the deal: despite psychologists pushing for training on how to treat men and women differently in almost every area of life, culture still wants to claim there are really no such thing as gender roles.  Sometimes it feels like society is saying that even though screwdrivers and hammers are different, they can still both do the same job.


One thought on “Credo 1–Even Psychologists Agree

  1. Interesting article. That certainly explains our “You’re not spending time with me,” “I’m in the same room as you” arguments.

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