My wife introduced me to an old writing exercise shortly after we got married. Basically, you start by finishing the statement “I believe..” until you run out of things to say. Now, as you might imagine, with a B.A. in Theology and an ongoing M.A. in Counseling this list can take quite some time to complete when I get going, but I always feel so much more inspired afterward.

I think that there is something to be said for putting all your beliefs on the table and asking yourself why you believe what you do. Obviously when I say “all” I mean all the ones you can think of, but it is amazing how freeing it is to write down things that you would never say out loud in conversation but deep down you know you believe it. It is as if you are becoming more real as the ink hits the page.

Well, that activity has led me to a curious conclusion…I started writing out a list this evening and realized that if the things I was writing down were things I really believed, if they truly made the heart of what’s on my mind, then maybe I should pull them out into the daylight and let them stand.

Starting this weekend I hope to renew my blog with a list of “Credos”. I have 29 outlined so far and I am sure more will come.

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