25 Reasons I Love My Wife

I was asked if I would be writing a post on the 25 reasons I love my wife for her 25th birthday.  This seems to be a popular idea, so at first I thought I wouldn’t want to seem cliche.  Then I started thinking about the rarity of someone having 25 real reasons for loving their spouse and I realized that it could never be cliche.  So here it goes:

25. She is a great editor.  Really. You will probably notice the difference between the writing in this post and previous posts. That is because I haven’t let her look this one over…and by that I mean walk me through how to fix at least one thing in every sentence.

24. She puts up with my back-seat driving.  I am really bad about it.  I say things like “That’s a red light,” and “Slow down.”  She normally just calmly replies, “I know how to drive.” With the occasional “I have been driving longer than you have.”  And if I am really pushing it, “I haven’t totaled two cars this year.” I love her.

23. She reads. I mean, she is a reader.  This year she has read more books than most people could shake a stick at.  This would perhaps be less surprising if she weren’t an editor, but she is.  She reads all day for work, then she comes home and she wants to read more! I love it because it keeps her wit sharp, and gives me confidence that she can teach Emmie and any other children God might bless us with.

22. She is organized. I have never been a particularly organized person. It isn’t because I don’t know how, it’s because I have not disciplined myself.  I don’t how she does it, but she is a mastermind at it.

21. She is a very hard worker. She gets up in the morning and does yoga (most mornings). She gets Emmie ready to go. She works all day. She comes home and often fixes dinner. She cleans and organizes. Everyday. Yeah.

20. She is a great mother. Emmeline has started throwing fits lately and Katie is very consistent in correcting her.  She also is very affectionate and takes every opportunity to connect with and teach our lovely daughter.

19. She is a great writer. Some of you may not know that Katie once won a college-level creative writing competition with some creative non-fiction that I have read over and over.  If you want an enjoyable read as her for a copy of “Johnny Reb’s Knee Bone,” you can thank me later.

18. She is very dedicated to our relationship. Katie is always thinking and talking with me about things that would help us grow together.

17. She is patient. She is married to me…need I say more?

16. She makes me laugh. Katie has an amazing sense of humor both in the small things in life and in the more calculated, theatrical way as well.  She tells great jokes and sees the humor in small things. For a good example, see #19.

15. She like to cook. And she’s good at it.  And the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…and some other areas.

14. She likes to clean. Yes, she actually tells me it is relaxing to clean, and no, she’s mine and you can’t borrow her.

13. She is very sexy. I think this could get awkward so…yeah, I love her body. I will leave it there…

12. She is flexible. Our lives are always changing and the world is always in flux and Katie is able to handle it all so well.

11. She is flexible. Different kind of flexible…see  the beginning of #21 and #13.

10. She is stubborn. I think stubbornness is one of the best virtues I have and I am thankful I married a wife as stubborn as me.

9. She follows God. Not as well as she would like, but enough that I am challenged by her daily.

8. She handles stress well. You know how you see her with a smile on her face…yeah, she deserves a medal.

7. She puts up with my many hobbies. And I have a lot of them. Including miniature wargames, fantasy football, and pretty much whatever else I can think up.

6. She is a great encourager.  I am not an easy person to encourage because I am not easily manipulated…but somehow she pulls it off.

5. She likes to talk.  Which is good because me being the only talker is a bad idea.

4. She respects me. I don’t know why most of the time, but she does.

3. She wants our family to succeed. Katie is a very dedicated person and refuses to let any project fail on her account. That is perhaps one of the most valuable virtues any wife and mother can possess.

2. She wants me to succeed. I know it probably sounds selfish, but I love her because I don’t think I could succeed without her faith in me. Nor do I think I would want to.

1. She’s my wife. I know, you are thinking “You don’t love her because she’s your wife, she’s your wife because you love her.”  But, she’s my wife because she is the only woman who could have stuck it out this long with me, and she doesn’t show any signs of going anywhere.  I love her more everyday for the simple act of staying when so many others would have left, and fighting when so many others would have given up.  That is the most wonderful thing about Katie, she is here with me and she will be “until death do us part.”

Happy Birthday Katie! I love you!


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