Lord, as I consider the great weight of responsibility I bear as
a man before God,
a husband to Katie,
a father to Emmeline,
I am humbled.
I do not know how to continue moving without your blessings.
Without your Spirit I cannot devote myself to the Word of God, the active love your law demands and your character deserves. You are holy and I know that I am not. I stand before you conscious of my faults and desperate sinfulness.
Yet you call me into your presence, you bless me and care for me, your love draws me in and you find no fault with me. I am clothed in the righteousness of your Son, you look on the punishment you poured out on Him, you see His life, death, and resurrection, and you place me under His headship.
You are my Father and I am your adopted son, so often playing the prodigal, so often ignoring your loving commands. Yet you were willing not to overlook my sin, but to sacrifice your own Son, for me, he whom you adopted. God give me love. Give me love for You, through Your power.
Christ has taken the Church in as His beloved, redeeming her as His bride. Willing to sacrifice His own life for that of His bride, Christ humbles with His love. Lord give me love like Christ’s for Katie, my bride.
Father you have forgiven the greatest trespasses of my heart and even when I turn from You in rebellion, Your love calls me back to You and You forgive me through the blood of your perfect Son. Lord give me a love like Yours, always forgiving and recalling to mind Christ’s work. Lord let me love Emmeline my daughter with a fatherly love like Yours.
I pray these things in the name of the Cross of Christ and the Son of Man who died,


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