Packing the Car

So I am sitting here at a little before 1am and finishing up packing for our trip. It hits me that the things I am packing, while they make perfect sense for this trip, are a bit eclectic and not at all what most 24 year olds are packing into their cars at 1 in the morning. Okay, so there may be some 24 year olds packing Warhammer and wargaming stuff into their cars at this point in the evening. And those 24 year olds, to mercilessly stereotype, are probably going home to their Star Wars infested house where they live with several other guys. The place probably reeks and lacks any decoration other than the many posters that declare this domicile “Nerdvana”. This is clearly not my life, so I move on.

I am also putting into my car a large assortment of baby toys and gear. Now there are probably more 24 year olds putting baby stuff in the car, but probably not at 1 in the morning if they can help it, which they may not be able to. And as they put these things in the car they are probably not thinking about how awesome baby toys are these days or how their daughters’ clothes are so cute and adorable. And if said 24 year olds are, they are probably female.
Further, I am placing in the car a suitcase of clothes. In this suitcase I have several splendid oxford shirts, thanks to the kind yuletide donation from a fabulous reader, a pair of slacks, and a pair of blue jeans. I realize that this is the first time I have voluntarily packed slacks over other pants for a trip. I further realize that the reason for this is my “Daddy pooch” feels more comfortable in slacks as they have more “give”. This tells me that, unlike many my age who seem to put off wearing respectable clothes, I have embraced them.
This eclectic packing shows who I am: The Wargamer, The Daddy, and The “Old Man” (as some of my high school friends still call me).
But I don’t think this range is at all a bad thing. As the Wargamer I relate to the little boy who spent hours playing with little green army men, as the Daddy I relate to the hard times that young men face when they still think the world rests on their shoulders, before they become the Old Man, who realizes that things are as they are, and living with your life beats fighting against it.
Katie quoted an old quote, I can’t remember who said it, but it goes something like, “life is what happens while you are making plans.” And I though about it. It seems to imply that making plans aren’t a part of life. I think that is absolutely not true. Life is what happens while you are making plans, and plans are a part of making life. When we plan we are saying “this is who and where and why I want to be.” Good planning is an act of introspection, it is saying that we are meant to be doing something more than what we are doing. Planning, for those who do it well, is like Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”. We are ever reaching towards God as He reaches down to us, and as we seek to touch Him, He embraces us with a Father’s love, a Brother’s hand, and a Husband’s desire. And that is why we pack our cars for trips.

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