When the world give you lemons…

This weekend we were supposed to go to Ridgecrest Conference Center, Asheville, NC. A winter storm combined with a new family fear of icy roads going through the mountains has shut that plan down. Especially when you consider that said interstate is shut down right outside of Asheville due to a rockslide. Hm…difficult choice, right?

So here we were with a lemoned weekend. What should we do? We were really looking forward to seeing David and Abby, my best-man and his lovely wife. They live in Columbia, SC and were going to meet us there. What should we do…aha! Why don’t Katie and I drive all the way too Columbia, an extra 45 minutes of drive time, and visit David and Abby there!

Yes indeed, Ladies and Gentlemen, as the Pakistanis would say: nimbu paani.

In other news, I am very intrigued by my recent class at Trevecca–Group Therapy and Process. I find that, surprisingly to me, it is a very solid way to do counseling and therapy. I think for men espescailly it could be helpful to have clients in a group and in individual therapy. Of course, I also realized that the process that groups go through is very similar to that of sports teams, community groups, Bible study groups, and even miniature wargaming groups.

In fact, like most counseling, there is a great deal of common sense to group counseling. It never ceases to amaze me that the job of counseling, which in the few encounters I have had with it seems so instinctual, would be such a complex subject. Of course, I guess that you need a lot of classes to train instincts if they aren’t there, and it is nice to have a professor to validate your thoughts. Anyway, enough for now.


One thought on “When the world give you lemons…

  1. Sorry to see you guys weren't able to make it to Ridgecrest. Hopefully you can schedule another trip soon!Byron HillExecutive Director, LifeWay Conference Centers

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