Hello out there faithful rea… Hey Renee and Mawmaw.

I have decided that since Katie and I are trying to both commit to 30 minutes of writing a day to keep our minds active and produce opportunities to improve our writing, that I should do my 30 minutes on this blog. This blog has become a wonderful conversation piece. The conversations usually go like this.
Out-of-Touch Middle-Aged Person: Why would anybody want a blog?
Me: I have a blog.
OTMAP: Really, I would not have taken you for the blogging sort.
Me: Why is that?
OTMAP: Because you seem so normal. Bloggers are so weird.
Me: Most of the bloggers I know are pretty normal people, Twitter is where all the weirdos are.
OTMAP: Yeah, only self-absorbed people have twitters.
Me: I have a twitter too. I wouldn’t really say that tweeting means you are self-absorbed…
OTMAP: Yeah, but you probably only tweet about important things, not “Hey everybody, I am putting on my left shoe,” “Hey everybody, I am putting on my right shoe,” “Hey everybody, I am walking out the door.” Its ridiculous.
Me: Yeah, you know what’s worse than that?
OTMAP: What?
Me: People who don’t know how to use the computer without asking the young person in the building what all the buttons and task bars mean. It is sad really. I mean, as big a part of our lives as computers have become and for alot of people they might as well be in Chinese.
OTMAP: Well, that’s not really fair, I mean, technology moves so fast, it is hard to keep up.
Me: But these people are required to use it everyday as a part of their job. And it isn’t like they are being asked to design a webpage, they are being asked to check their email.
OTMAP: What’s a webpage?
I have this conversation about twice a week. At the end of which I always think “Hmmm, I should post on my blog,” but I never do. So hopefully I will start again. I think it is time to renew my blogging back to the way it was in college, where I wrote atleast once a week, usually 3-4 times a week. Only hopefully, for both of your sakes’, it will actually be interesting to read.

2 thoughts on “Reality

  1. Faithful Reader Number 1, Reporting In!Yay for writing commitments! You (and your darling wife) can write well and I look forward to reading more.Your conversation makes me laugh. And start to feel superior…until I realize that I still ask for help with the remote control(s). "Which button just plays the DVD?????"

  2. Do feel superior, the other day one of my co-workers asked me what the deal was with these "keyboard phones". I told him they were for texting. His response: "What's texting again?"

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