3 Things Every Son Should Hear From His Dad

These are things I believe every dad should tell his son every day.

1. I love you.
These could be the three most important words any child ever hear from their parents. It seems sad that many dads seem to struggle to actually come right out and say it. I was blessed with a wonderful dad who said it every day that I can remember. The confidence a son has knowing that his father loves him greatly impacts his ability to deal with conflict, failure, fear, and his own ability to share love. This should not be surprising given our dependence as adults on the love of our Heavenly Father. Without God’s love we are incapable of loving and living with confidence, why should it be any different for a child?

2. I’m proud of you.
Men have this incredible desire to please their wives. We want to make our wives happy and will do almost anything to ensure that they are. My pastor, when speaking at a women’s gathering, said this, “Most men live with the constant sense that they are failing someone.” I believe this is ingrained in men early when as boys they are never sure that they have the approval of the one person against whom they measure themselves–their dads.

3. Christ died for you.
While “I love you” is listed #1, it is because that is the basis on which this can be said. Every dad should remind their son of this every day because simply hearing it, like it is the most natural thing in the world, increases the ease with which a little boy can remember why he should obey, why he should forgive, and why he should love. When a loving father reminds his son of the Gospel, even at a very young age, it has a profound impact. I can remember when I was saved, very early in life, that it was hearing the message of the cross from my parents over and over again that led me to seek after God.

Happy Birthday Daddy! I love you.


One thought on “3 Things Every Son Should Hear From His Dad

  1. The best I've read so far. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post. Belated happy birthday to your dad. Good luck on all your life's endeavors. You're doing a great job here. By the way, these best gifts that you could give your better-half might interest you too. Thanks and have a nice and fulfilling day.

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