Biblical Masculinity: Rescources and Links

This is a partial and brief annotated bibliography of resources. Not all of them are particularly about masculinity, but all of them are on subjects which are essential to it.

Conyers, A. J. The Listening Heart
An excellent book about vocation or calling. Since many men try to derive their meaning from their job, this is a good book for putting jobs in perspective. I found it a quick and enjoyable read.

Hughes, R. Kent. Disciplines of a Godly Man
This is a very convicting but very good book on the spiritual discipline it takes to be a godly man. It is a very practical, straightforward approach to having a spiritually blessed marriage and family.

Lewis, Robert. Raising a Modern-Day Knight-see review

Piper, John. Don’t Waste Your Life
This book hardly needs a note. John Piper channels Jonathan Edwards speaking about our use of time and energy. Needless to say, after reading it you suddenly realize how little you do.

Weber, Stu. The Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart
The four pillars are essentially the four leanings of men: king, warrior, mentor, friend. The goal is to have them balanced, that’s biblical manhood, but often men tend to be dominate in one. The goal of this book is to help identify and correct that out-of-proportioness.

Wilson, Doug. Future Men-see review


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