5 Reasons Biblical Masculinity is Lost

1. Because there are not enough people who take the problem seriously.
Think about it. How often have you heard a pastor preach from the pulpit about how important it is that men be masculine? Not often. Over my fairly short lifespan thus far (23 years), I can remember countless times when there were special events, sermons, and bible studies on biblical womanhood, but I can count on one hand the times I have heard of an everyday church single out men. So why don’t people take this seriously?

2. Because it is esy to mistakes other things for biblical masculinity.
Macho or sensitive, there are many cultural ideas about what a man should be and few clear definitions. Robert Lewis, in his book Raising a Modern-Day Knight, says that it is necessary to give sons a clear definition of manhood so that they have something clear to aim for. Without a clear definition, there is no way to know true masculinity from false masculinity.

3. Biblical masculinity is politically incorrect.
In the younger generation’s struggle to be more culturally acceptible, biblical masculinity simply doesn’t fit in. Biblical masculinity says those horrible, non-politically correct statements like “men and women are different” and “God has given men and women different roles”. *GASP*

4. Teaching biblical masculinity makes us look foolish.
When a young man falls in love he often looks like a complete fool to everyone but the woman he’s in love with. He will do anything to win her affection. In a good marriage, this does not stop but continues perpetually. A good husband is not detered by buying feminine items, or saying “silly romantic things”, or watching “girly movies”, because he is still dedicated to winning his wife’s affection. A father who wants to teach his son masculinity has to be willing to look just as foolish. He needs to be willing to talk about those “uncomfortable subjects” openly. He needs to be able to do this with other men, even with his son around. There should be no level of feeling foolish that he won’t go to in order to teach biblical masculinity.

5. Biblical masculinity is hard.
You cannot hope to achieve biblical masculinity overnight, nor is it a level you reach and then easily stay there. The struggle of biblical masculinity can be summed up by looking at Robert Lewis’s definition in Raising a Modern-Day Knight.
A real man rejects passivity. This is the sin that men have struggled with most, and it started in the Garden.
A real man accepts responsibility. Can you imagine how different the world would be if men just took responsibility for their actions?
A real man leads courageously. Men not doing these things could be a list of why masculinity is lost by itself.
A real man expects the greater reward. This is the only way that men will be able to do the other three, they have to know that their hard work will, through God’s grace, grant them the great reward.


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