Father’s Day

I felt it would be irresponsible of me to have a website devoted to all things masculine and not post on this, one of the greatest holidays for true men. Now, before I go any further let me make clear that being a father does not make you a man, and not being a father does not exclude you, but rather all men should rejoice that there is a holiday both to celebrate all those great dads out there and remind us of the importance of men actually doing what God intended.
Now on the actual post…

On this father’s day, my first, I am struck by how very rarely I think of God as a father. I cannot think about my Dad without being reminded of the wonderful example of God’s love he has given me, and of Christ’s love through my parent’s marriage, but I rarely take that thought beyond to what it means that God is our Father. When I think about my own Dad, I think about growing up knowing that I was safe in his love for me, no matter what happened.

I often recall to mind an event that I doubt my Dad even recalls, but I remember vividly. I don’t remember how old I was, but I was very young, probably 6 or 7. My Dad had been working on a piece of wood to (I believe) act as additional engine support for his radio controlled airplane. It was a square piece of wood, plywood I think, and after he finished it he let me hold while he worked on something else. Now I knew my job, to take care of the piece of wood for my Dad, but I got distracted and started bending it. It wasn’t long before it snapped it two.

I showed it to my Dad and remarked at how strong I must have been to snap the wood. He was not amused. I was sent to my room. Now I dont know what transpired while I was in my room, but I do know that when my Dad came in I fully expected some sort of punishment–I had let him down and worse–but he came in and set on the bed with me.

I don’t remember all that was said, but my Dad essentially apologized for getting upset about the piece of wood I broke. And then he said something that I do remember, he said, “Joshua, I love you alot more than I love my airplane.” Now to some of you that may seem anti-climactic, but to me that told me that even when my Dad builds something beautiful–and what could be more beautiful to a 7 year old like me than a glossy-red plane flown by my Dad–and I came along and messed it up, that would not stop him from loving me.

This story should remind me that a wonderful as my Dad is, he is a vessel of a greater love. While my Dad loves me as a sinful human to a sinful human, God loves me in his holiness. God does overlook my faults, or even live with my faults, he has paid for my faults. This love I knew at an early age through my Dad, then as my own experience when I became a Christian at 5 years old, and growingly more so since then.

So on this father’s day , I celebrate the my Dad who pointed me to God, and I celebrate my Heavenly Father who did more than any earthly father could, and I pray that I will be a dad that shows such love that one day Emmeline will say that I was to her a vessel of God’s greater love.

On the lighter side, here is a special father’s day video for you to enjoy:


3 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. That's a sweet story! And you have worked your movie magic once again–I love it! When I read your post it made me think "I wonder if Josh has a better understanding now of what it means that God is our father–now that he is a father." Happy first father's day sweetie! And I hope you pick a good movie from the kiosk.

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