Men are known to be bull-headed and stubborn about the dumbest things. At least, that’s what I hear from women. I personally don’t really see what is so bad about a man not wanting to pay for a service he is perfectly capable of doing himself…I mean, yeah, it might take forever and not be quite like professional work, but think of all the money you saved and how fun it was (even though he complained most of the time) for him to do something for you.

Now I don’t claim to be able to unlock the secret of stubborn men, though calm reasoning is your best recourse, but I might have a little bit of insight into why God made men so stubborn. But before I begin I also wanted to mention that you may have noticed this is also true for little boys. They are stubborn as a mule when they want to be. I have heard it said that men are really little boys in a grown up’s body. I prefer to say that little boys are men who lack life experience.

Back to the topic at hand, why did God make men so stubborn? Or did God make men stubborn at all? Maybe stubborness was part of the fall of mankind. I think the answer is that while “stubborness” has a very negative conotation, sutbborness is really in the eye of the beholder.

Let me tell a story to illustrate. Let’s say there is a man who thinks that there is something wrong with his church. He goes to his leaders and they tell him he will cause discension and that he needs to stop. So he goes public with his knowledge. He begins to speak against the church and its leaders. The leaders try to reason with him, and he will not listen! He refuses to be a part of what he considers wrong. The church splits over his views and people begin to join him. He calls the church leaders corrupt and wants nothing to do with them. He is put under church discipline and still stubbornly refuses to submit to authority. He knows what needs to be done and trusts God to help him do it.

How about another story? A boy goes to visit his brothers at camp. He finds out there is a bully there who is twice his size, but is frustrated that nobody will stand up to the bully. So he decides to do it. His brothers and the camp leaders try to dissuade him, but he stubbornly refuses to listen. He knows what needs to be done and trusts God to help him do it.

One more? A man has six kids and is going through a rough time at work. He is overseeing the building of his home and trying to make time for his family. He feels the need to make a drastic change and go back to school. Some people think he’s crazy, but he takes his family and moves to go to school. The following years are full of financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual hardships for him and his wife and kids. He works hard and refuses to give up long after most would have expected. He is stubborn, but he knows what needs to be done and trusts God to help his keep doing it.

To the Catholic Church, Martin Luther was a stubborn fool. Yet where would the Church be without him?
To the men in the Israelite camp, the young sheperd named David was a fool, yet through him God worked mightily with His people.
To the wisdom of this age, my Dad is a fool. To the wisdom of this age no man should have to give up as much as my Dad has to care for a family, yet I am who I am because he did.
Stubborness maybe a sin at times, like when your son refuses to pick up his blocks, but sometimes “stubborness” is the word used by the enemies of the steadfast heart.


One thought on “Stubborness

  1. I knew it! The moment I read each story I knew who you were talking about. And you are right. No one should have to give up as much as Daddy has, but none of us would be who we are if it weren’t for him. I think what you mean is that there are good and bad kinds of stubborn. Throughout history there have been many men and women who have done great things because they didn’y give up. Love you!

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