What is "Hero Instinct"?

I have started this blog as an experiment of sorts. I have thought and studied, long and hard, about the issue of boys and young men in today’s culture. I have discovered that these would be men are faced with seemingly insurmountable cultural odds against which only relatively few boys are given the proper training to overcome–and thereby become men.

In a culture which discourages most of what is traditionally considered masculine not only through feminization, but through false bravado, it is surely the task of men older and wiser than I to guide these young men. Yet as a man who has personal testimony of my own Dad, a godly man, who took the time and had the courage to train me, a godly Mom who knew what training she could give me and what she could not, and a Savior who was merciful to forgive all the mistakes I made inspite of godly teaching, I feel a burden to be a part of helping young boys become men.

Part of helping boys become men is helping boys, and those around boys, to understand the why or becoming a man. Inherent to this entire discussion is the biblical truth that God created man and woman in his image, but with differences. In fact, it is those differences that, when held together, help us to understand the truest nature of God. As such, femenine girls are absolutely as important as masculine boys. I just happen to be a boy and understand being a boy.
The first major difference that I see between little boys and little girls is this: little boys want to be a heroes, little girls want to be friends. Now that is a drastic over simplification of a very complicated issue and one that will be explained over time.

The point is that all little boys, regardless of personality or interests, are born with the innate desire to be heroes. Being a hero will look different in every boy–I feel like a hero when I load the dishwasher without my wife asking. Every little boy and every man I have ever met live their lives trying to be the hero, and most live in constant dissappointment because they don’t think they are doing a very good job. This blog is here to discuss both with research and anecdotes, how we as God’s people can bring out the Hero Instinct, that natural desire in all males, and find a way to channel that for God’s glory. I hope to post consistantly both about the understanding side of this topic and also the rescources side of this topic.


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